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"Claudia has been a guiding light, seeing me through some very difficult times. She is empowering, compassionate and empathetic. I appreciate that she is diligent with implementing new tools and methods but also has a holistic approach understanding how things are connected. I  would recommend her highly to anyone that is looking for a non judgmental, safe place to go."

M. B - Williamsburg, NY




"I came to Claudia at a time where I was struggling with immense anxiety. Through her nurturing, compassionate, and understanding guidance we were able to figure out where my anxiety stemmed from. Claudia gave me something I could never get from family or friends- She gave me validation. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, that was all I could ever need. I would leave her sessions feeling empowered, in control and confident. I don’t think I could have become the woman I am today with out her. She has truly changed my life. Thank you Claudia!"

G. J - New York, NY

We are an empowering group practice based in New York City that has over 7 years helping young women struggling with relationship issues, depression, anxiety, or that are lost in a difficult life transitions. Being a young adult is hard! We have reinvented therapy in order to address the very unique challenges that young women face and that are so often overlooked. Hey, we see you!

We work with compassion to help you reinvent yourself by examining some of your most challenging past and present experiences in a safe, and accepting environment that opens space to become aware of negative patterns you want to be free from, how much your inner critic impacts your life decisions, and the discussion of different types of social oppression. We are open minded, caring, and intuitively empathic.

It has been proven that deep awareness brings real change! So, we will help you better understand your symptoms while at the same time teach you practical tools that you can use in the here and now to find some relief. It's all about feeling empowered, active and self-aware!

If you are ready to uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating, we want to hear from you! Schedule your FREE 15 min phone consultation to hear how we can help you.


(Low cost therapy available for those struggling financially.)

"Working with Claudia is an absolute pleasure. She is direct, gentle, supportive and empathetic. She has an amazing ability to guide me in a way that helps me grow and that I always feel safe. With Claudia’s help I have been able to experience things in a way that I have always known were possible, but had not been able to achieve. She is truly amazing."

M. L - New York, NY



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