The psychology of our country is at stake. We are going through two intense waves of existential crises. One, a Covid-19 pandemic. The other one, a collective national awakening that uncovered horrendous systemic racism against black lives and police brutality in this country. We feel deeply uncertain about the future. What would the world look like when this is all over. Will we go back to the old normal? Will there be a new, more fair and less oppressive normal? How will our society get transformed by this?


Taking action is the only way to regain control in times of uncertainty and injustice. We commit to doing our part of the work by being active participants in the process of creating the world we want to leave in. One in which equal rights for ALL Americans is no longer a dream but a reality.  


I encourage you to take action today by clicking one of the links below. Please remember that staying silent and disconnected makes you part of the problem. Social justice is worth fighting for!


"Join the Movement to fight for Freedom, Liberation and Justice"


"We can end police violence in America"


"Dedicated to supporting victims of police brutality"