Kayla Robbins, MA, MFT


We are constantly in relationship: to ourselves and to others as well as to the various contexts and identities that we exist within. In therapy, I create a space where we can examine the challenges you are facing through this lens; I firmly believe that issues arise as a result of the nuanced relationships and systems we exist within, rather than a defect within the individual. As such, my style is non-pathologizing, empathic, warm, and collaborative. 

My experience with clients is informed by these ideas as well as my training in Postmodern, Narrative, and Relational Gestalt therapies. I believe in respecting the lessons of the past and how our histories have shaped us, while being endlessly curious about the wisdom that he present moment can offer us. I am also trained as a yoga teacher and mind-body eating coach. Through these experiences I have learned the power of the mind/body/spirit connection and how it can be utilized to achieve deeper healing from trauma, more empowerment, and greater acceptance of ourselves. 

I have seen, on both sides of the couch, how therapy can be a space for magic and transformation. I hope we can work together to explore these possibilities and help you live with ease as your most authentic self. I am eager to hear your story and accompany you on this journey of healing!

I have always loved stories. From staying up all night reading under the covers to acting in school plays, I was completely hooked. I discovered early on that the feeling of resonance- of seeing myself, and feeling seen, through someone else’s story- was immensely healing. It was this love of stories and pursuit of resonance that led me to a career as a therapist.