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Kayla Robbins, MA, MFT


We are constantly in relationship to ourselves and to others as well as to the various contexts and identities that we exist within. In therapy, I create a space where we can examine the challenges you are facing through this lens. I firmly believe that issues arise as a result of the nuanced relationships and systems we exist within, and not because something is "broken" or "wrong" with us. That's why my style is non-pathologizing, empathic, warm, and collaborative. 

I believe in respecting the lessons of the past and how our histories have shaped us, while being endlessly curious about the wisdom that the present moment can offer us. I am also trained as a yoga teacher and mind-body eating coach. Through these experiences I have learned the power of the mind/body/spirit connection and how it can be utilized to achieve deeper healing from trauma, more empowerment, and greater acceptance of ourselves. 

I have seen, on both sides of the couch, how therapy can be a space for magic and transformation. I hope we can work together to explore these possibilities and help you live with ease as your most authentic self. I am eager to hear your story and accompany you on this journey of healing!"

"I have always loved stories. From staying up all night reading under the covers to acting in school plays, I was completely hooked. I discovered early on that the feeling of resonance- of seeing myself, and feeling seen, through someone else’s story- was immensely healing. It was this love of stories and pursuit of resonance that led me to a career as a therapist. 

Allie O'Connor, MA, MFT


"Adulting can be very challenging! It’s a time of constant change, scary transitions you can’t easily make sense of, and the pressure to have your career, identity, and relationships all figured out. That's a lot! I know because I also went through that big challenge myself. 

This is her story:

This is her story:

I started my career in advertising and was struggling to discover my authentic self in the corporate world. I never took a marketing or business class and found myself in a life I never imagined or even wanted. I was going through the motions to survive, thinking I was doing “what I was supposed to do”. The pressure and confusion of this time of my life took me back to a dangerous coping skill I used to use to feel in control - an eating disorder. When my life felt emotionally empty it made sense to feel physically empty too but I also didn’t have enough strength to advocate for myself and my desires.


After seven years of hard work, and soul searching,  I finally gathered the courage to quit my job and pursue my passion for genuinely helping others find their true self. My life purpose since then has been helping young women navigate the uncertainty of the future and the stressors of adulthood through a combination of a deep self discovery process of and therapeutic tools that empower them to approach these challenges with confidence. 


I like working with clients using humor, transparency, and acceptance of whatever it is that they are feeling or going through. We already hold the solutions to our problems within us, it is just a matter of finding them. I am grateful to have witnessed my clients make huge and brave changes that led them to the happiness they were striving for and I believe we can collaborate to do the same for you. I can't wait to meet you and work together!"

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